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Kaohsiung Medical University Information Security Policy

Document No. IS-A-001
Confidentiality level general
Revision 1.3

The set of policies aimed at ensuring Kaohsiung Medical University (hereinafter referred to as the school) 
belongs information assets confidentiality, integrity and availability, and comply with the requirements of 
relevant laws and regulations, harmless from internal and external threat of deliberate or accidental .


Information security management covers 11 management issues, to avoid human error, deliberate or natural 
disasters and other factors, resulting information is not When using, leakage, tampering, destruction, 
violations occur, our school has brought a variety of possible risks and hazards. Management issues are as 
2.1 Information security policy setting and evaluation
2.2 Information security organization
2.3 Information asset classification and control
2.4 Safety of personnel management and training
2.5 Physical and environmental security
2.6 Communication and job security management
2.7 Access control security
2.8 Safety system development and maintenance
2.9 Information security incident response and handling
2.10 Business continuity operations management
2.11 Regulations and compliance policy implementation units

Our school internal staff, outsourcing vendors and visitors and should comply with this policy.

Our school colleagues should maintain the confidentiality, integrity and availability of our information 
assets and protect user data privacy to achieve the following targets:
3.1 Protection of our business activities information from unauthorized access.
3.2 Protection of our business activities information from unauthorized modifications to ensure that it is 
    correct and complete.
3.3 IT business continuity establish operational plans to ensure the continued operation of our business 
3.4 School's activities shall comply with the implementation of the requirements of relevant laws or 


4.1 School's management to establish and review this policy.
4.2 Information security managers through appropriate standards and procedures to implement this policy.
4.3 All personnel and outsourcing services vendors are required in accordance with relevant safety management 
    procedures to maintain information security policies.
4.4 All officers are responsible for reporting information security incidents and of any identified weaknesses.
4.5 Any compromise information security behavior , depending on the seriousness will pursue its legal 
    responsibility and administrative responsibility according to the school or the relevant provisions of 
    punishment .

This policy should be reviewed at least annually once only , to reflect the government decree , the latest 
technology and business development status , to ensure that the school forever Continued operation of network 
services and the provision of academic ability .

6.1 Information security policy management review meetings with the information security policy audits.
6.2 This policy will be "Information Security Committee" after the implementation of the resolutions , 
    amendments are made.

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