Infective endocarditis

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  • Also called "subacute bacterial endocarditis"
  • Endocarditis-associated GN occurs in patients who remain untreated for a long time (>10-14 days), have negative blood cultures, or have right-sided endocarditis.
  • Anemia, ESR ↑, hematuria, proteinuria, aGN, RPGN (rare), pyuria, renal failure
  • Pathology (focal proliferative GN)
    • Grossly, the kidneys have subcapsular hemorrhages with a "flea-bitten" appearance
    • Focal proliferation around foci of necrosis associated with abundant mesangial, subendothelial, and subepithelial immune deposits of ~IgG, ~IgM, and C3
      • Embolic renal infarction or septic abscess
  • Complement ↓, RA factor, cryoglobulin, circulating immune complex
  • Prognosis
    • Good if resolve after treatment with antibiotics for 4-6 weeks